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SUPER DUTY BRAKE FLUID DOT-4 Type: Brake Assembly Material: Brake fluid Size: 250ml Brand Name: K-Int Model Number: Customizable Color: Yellow Name: BRAKE FLUID DOT - 4 Packaging Details : AS PER CLIENT REQUIREMENT BRAKE FLUID DOT-4 The only effective link between your foot on the brake pedal and the brake assembly at each wheel. CHARACTERISTICS OF SUPER DUTY BRAKE FLUID DOT – 4 : The Composition of Hydraulic Brake - Fluid DOT - 4 are chemically balanced and engineered to obtain optimum performance and to provide maximum safety. For Safety and security always insists on Hydraulic Brake Fluid DOT - 4. DOT - 4 Hydraulic Brake - Fluid are designed from conventional synthetic fluids based on Glycol Ethers. QUALITY CONTROL - Before production of each batch; the quality of each and every Raw Materials, Additives and Components are thoroughly tested and after production, testing of each batch is conducted at our fully equipped plant laboratory with latest instruments to ensure that it matches the required specifications and all properties. R & D - Our Specialist Engineers and Technicians are constantly striving to improve the required quality and performance of " SWASTIK" Hydraulic Brake - Fluid for increasing demand, for safety consciousness security and to achieve economy. Hydraulic Brake - Fluid CAUTION - Avoid eye skin contact Rinse with plenty of water in case of Contact Fluid is injurious to car body paintwork Inflammable Recommendation - Recommended for all Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Systems or any Hydraulic Power Transmission Systems. Color - Red ( Wine Red) and Umber
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